Company overview

DPA - Expertise Conseil

DPA - Expertise Conseil

DPA Expertise Conseil is a consulting and accounting firm located in the Gers area in Gascony, in the South-West of France. Created in Nogaro, the consulting firm has expanded and now you can find us in three more offices: in Gimont, Samatan and in Toulouse suburbs (Plaisance du Touch).

Over 95% of our clients live less than an hour and half from our headquarters, which establishes a large area between Biarritz, Mont de Marsan, Agen, Toulouse, Auch, Tarbes and Pau.

The firm is led by Patrice DANDO who is a chartered accountant and auditor. He is backed up by two chartered accountants and a multi-field skilled team at your disposal regarding accounting, fiscal, financial, social, legal and management. Some services are centralised in the HQ in Nogaro but permanent representatives in Gimont or Plaisance du Touch offices will handle your everyday challenges and provide a local consulting.

The organization in units - Legal, Social, Accountancy & Fiscal, Consulting - seconded by a strong tech integration allows us to meet our clients and staff’s needs, all in order to provide you the best possible services.

Thanks to its over 450 client base, DPA EXPERTISE CONSEIL works on all activity sectors such as agribusiness, handicraft and trade sectors, construction and service industry, professionals, not-for-profit organizations...etc.

Companies who chosed us represent more than 1,000 jobs in the South-West area.

With our broad training policy, we have been looking to master specific and precise fields such as agribusiness or social consulting. The main objective is to ensure our clients - who are our very first partners - a high-level mission on the long-term since your company is building itself over time. Our motto could be: « Our success passes through our clients’ »

DPA Expertise Conseil is part of the Integra international network made up of independent firms around the world and which allows you to find quick solutions for your projects, studies and activities.